Art Cool Gallery

Art Cool Gallery

The Art Cool™ Gallery is designed to mount elegantly on a wall and deliver contemporary styling with unique customization. Available in 9,600 Btu/h and 12,300 Btu/h, each come with a frame that allows the customer to easily personalize the indoor unit with their own artwork or photograph.

Features & Benefits

The slim, contemporary styling of the Art Cool™ Gallery Inverter models will appeal to today’s discerning customer.  Available in 9,000 and 12,000 BTU/h, models come with a frame that allows the customer to modify and personalize the unit with their own artwork or photography – the ultimate in custom design plus with energy-efficient Inverter technology.

These indoor units, combined with small footprint outdoor units, provide both physical comfort and a stylish aesthetic.

  • Personalize with artwork or photography
  • Mounts elegantly on the wall and delivers contemporary styling
  • Available in 9000 and 12,000 Btu/h capacities that operate with Multi V air and water-source units


We offer the following models in this product line. Have a question on which model fits your needs? Get in touch with us.

Chassis Type
Ducted or Ductless
Nominal Cooling capacity (btu/h)
Art Cool Gallery
Art Cool Gallery
Art Cool Gallery
Art Cool Gallery