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Midtown Manhattan
Forward Mechanical, Inc
Project Scope
  • LG Air Cooled VRF Heat Pumps

Maintaining Architectural Integrity through Heat Pump Installation


Built from the ground up, 531 Avenue of the Americas is notable for its distinctive design. With such eye-catching curb appeal, the proper HVAC system needed to be installed while ensuring its lack of visibility from the outside. Thus, it was KLIMA’s mission to incorporate a high-performance, high-efficient heat pump system that fits in the building — all without compromising its architectural integrity.



The biggest challenge stemming from this project came from the condenser’s visibility. It was the client’s desire that the condenser remained obscured from view to maintain the visual and architectural appeal of the unique building. In turn, KLIMA had to come up with a Solution to fit 12 MV 5 and 2 MV S condensers inside of the bulkhead, which was enclosed with an architectural louver.



With KLIMA’s ingenuity, we were able to fit 14 condensers inside of the bulkhead and enclose it with an architectural louver. These louvers were designed to have the required free area to accommodate the airflow needed for the condensers. KLIMA was ultimately successful in implementing a high-performance HVAC system, all while adhering to the client request of obscuring condensers and maintaining architectural integrity.



  • Ultra High efficient HVAC system
  • Maintained visual/architectural aesthetic
  • Demonstrated KLIMA’s aptitude and ability to adapt to unique, challenging situations

At a Glance


  • Maintaining curb/visual appeal

    The client requested that 531 Avenue of the Americas’ aesthetics remain intact, thus requiring condensers to be installed discreetly.

  • Providing healthy indoor air quality

    Condensers work to remove hot air from a building. Given the client’s request, KLIMA had to install condensers in a safe manner that allowed for healthy indoor air quality for all building occupants.

  • Implementing condensers in a safe manner

    Since the condenser was to be obscured from view, KLIMA had come up with a unique method of implementing them into the HVAC structure.



  • Market Sector: Multi-Family, High-End Residential
  • Extent: Condenser Installation
  • Location: Midtown Manhattan

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