425 Westchester Ave

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Bronx, NY
AB Capstone
Project Scope
  • (12) LG Air-Cooled VRF Heat Recovery Systems, with 130 IDUs
  • (8) LG Air-Cooled VRF Heat Pump Systems
  • VTS Air Handling Units with ERVs
  • LG Communications Kits and EEV Kits
  • Johnson FX BMS

A Practical Solution to Budget Reduction


425 Westchester Ave was a unique case for KLIMA. On top of ongoing challenges faced by the client, KLIMA was also tasked with budget reduction. The project was previously specified with alternative equipment but was ultimately over the allotted budget. Thus, the mission at 425 Westchester Ave became a two-fold problem — ultimately requiring a dynamic approach to resolution.


The property located at 425 Westchester Ave was plagued by a number of ongoing challenges, but the main problem centered around this property dealt with budgeting. The job was previously designed by an engineer, but was over budget. Ultimately, the owner requested a simplified solution that was both cost effective and more efficient.


One of the biggest solutions to reduce the budget came through the rebate from the utilities KLIMA was afforded, which gave us ownership to use our VRF equipment.  Klima ultimately handled the application, worked with Con Edison, and crafted a custom rebate to get the owner a substantial amount of money back from the utility.  This revenue assisted in keeping the project on budget for the client.


  • Fortified KLIMA’s design-engineering relationship
  • Demonstrated KLIMA’s construction aptitude — showing off company-wide system solutions inclusive of turn-key controls.
  • Allowed KLIMA to capitalize on our diverse equipment and controls offering, thus growing our company footprint

At a Glance


  • Budget reduction
    • KLIMA was able to reduce the job’s budget at 425 Westchester Ave through a unique and individualized rebate.
  • Incorporating new system solutions in practical settings
    • KLIMA extended its growing company footprint by utilizing our latest and diverse equipment/controls offering to reduce costs. This job also provided us an opportunity to put this new technology to use in a practical setting.


  • Market Sector: Charter School and Mixed Commercial & Retail Building
  • Extent: Budget Reduction
  • Location: The Bronx

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Project Profiles


You don’t have to take our word for how versatile, dependable and rugged our products are or how great our service is. Take a look at some real examples of Klima products and systems in use by our customers.

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