BACnet Building Automation Solution



 The LG MultiSITE VM3 is powered by the Niagara 4 Framework®, an industry leading integration platform that provides a common design language to integrate seamlessly into any diverse building portfolio. With its modern UX framework, advanced analytics and visualization, the MultSITE VM3 provides a best-in-class building management system. 

Facility Explorer


  Facility Explorer features a bold and intuitive new interface. Modern and easy to use, the platform utilizes HTML5 to provide an array of rich features. Our powerful new UI framework makes the user experience simpler and more robust, giving users maximum control of their data and decisions. The optimized workflow allows users to find and visualize data points quickly based on a powerful tagging system. New features include a built-in search function, customizable charting and visualization, role-based security, real-time troubleshooting and rapid navigation. The use of HTML5 provides a user interface that makes it easier for systems integrators to create and maintain customized views for end users.  

i-Vu® Building Automation


  The i-Vu®  Building Automation System (BAS) brings the big picture into sharp focus with a 360° view of your building’s entire operation. With its ability to communicate with HVAC and ancillary system components, the i-Vu Building Automation System gives you a real-time consolidated view of occupant comfort, energy usage, and all other operating conditions. As a result, you’ll know precisely what’s going on... and why. Regardless of the control type or equipment manufacturer, the i-Vu Building Automation System is your connection for seamless, comprehensive and flexible control of all systems in your building.