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Merrick Union Free Schools


  • Johnson FX Controls
  • LG Air Cooled VRF
  • Magicaire Unit Ventilators


Merrick Union Free Schools

VRF Systems with Classroom Unit Ventilators: A Rarity in Long Island Education


Merrick Union Free Schools was in need of energy-efficient VRF heating/cooling systems with Unit Ventilators for Classrooms. With this arrangement being a rarity for Long Island elementary schools, it was then KLIMA NY’s responsibility to provide the proper system components along with a new building management system (BMS).



The biggest challenge KLIMA faced with this project was making the complicated system user-friendly for all members of the MUFS faculty. As a result, KLIMA had to come up with a unique solution to make the system palatable and usable for persons of all educational backgrounds.  To further complicate matters, the new building management control system had to bring 2 different systems using different programming protocols together into one user-friendly interface.



Before the installation of the VRF system, KLIMA developed a demo system with a BMS and created a demonstration sampler for the client to ensure satisfaction with functionality, user interface, and practicality. 

Following approval, KLIMA was able to prepare a system that would work for all members of the MUFS. KLIMA ultimately supplied, installed, and programmed a full DDC temperature control system for operation and monitoring of all school AC systems through a computer interface.

Most notably, this project confirmed KLIMA NY as one of the first vendors on Long Island to provide such a system for individual classrooms in an elementary school application.



  • Elementary school classrooms received adequate heating and air conditioning system
  • Merrick Union Free Schools employees able to operate the VRF system with simplified computer interface
  • Demonstrated KLIMA’s ability to pivot and adapt to consumers of all educational levels
  • Klima’s Controls team was able to join different control protocols together in one seamless interface


At a Glance


  • Developing an innovative VRF system that would work within a classroom environment

    KLIMA became one of the first vendors to implement such a system in a Long Island elementary school

  • Adapting to client education

    KLIMA had to simplify a complex system for the Merrick Union Free Schools so that usability extended to all members of the faculty


  • Overview Market Sector: Education – Public Elementary Schools
  • Extent: Full Heating and Cooling systems with BMS
  • Location: Merrick, NY

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